Empowering marginalised rangatahi through dirt bike riding therapy

“At Dirt Bike Encounter I learnt to focus forward, look ahead and bounce back in life” - Vish

Dirt Bike Encounter uses the activity of learning to ride a dirt bike as a means to a therapeutic process of challenging thought patterns and creating new ways of thinking. Geared towards at-risk youth 11-16 years of age, this therapy can help them get on the right track in life, while offering them some great life skills. 

Offering 1on1 sessions and group courses, Dirt Bike Encounter uses the fun and risk taking activity of dirt bike riding as a tool to engage youth to unleash their potential and give them a sense of belonging on track.

Dirt Bike Encounter focuses on;

  • Understanding the individuals needs to tailor effective outcomes for each person
  • Strengthening the young person's holistic well-being guided by Te Whare Tapa Whā Māori health model
  • Empowering young people to make their own life-changing choices through challenging their thinking and teaching them new mind-sets

If you are interested in referring a young person to our services please complete the client referral form for our evaluation.

Two hour 1on1 therapy sessions $300 - 1on1 therapy with one of our trained facilitators for a two hour session. 

Eight weeks of group therapy full day sessions $3000 per person - 4-6 participants per group.  

For more info please email us on info@youthencounter.co.nz or phone us on 07 218 2113.

Fees are based on using Pirini Motorbike Park at Pongakawa in the WPOB.

“You’ve helped me change paths and follow the right lines instead of making the wrong decisions and eventually falling off track.” - Te Wahira Gardiner

We believe every person has the potential to fly high in life when they know they belong and believe in their true value! Getting on Youth Encounter's Arotika ki te Kaupapa track, Dirt Bike Encounter therapy offers an exciting and exhilarating journey that is twofold – to get on track on the bike and to get on track in life through;

  • understanding yourself and the potential you have through learning to safely ride a dirt bike on motocross and trail tracks
  • learning how to use the power of your thinking and the potential you have when you take responsibility for your life

We empower our rangatahi’s thinking to get on track so that they can create for themselves the best track forward in life and the tools to stay on that track. Not only will we teach them how to safety ride a dirt bike, most importantly we will teach them the life techniques that will empower them to take a better track forward!

Dirt Bike Encounter is developed for ‘at risk’ youth – often found struggling with behavioural and social issues, being practical in nature and failing academically by virtue of their circumstances. Through safely facilitating a risky taking activity, our evaluations have shown many positive impacts and successful outcomes.

“I have seen first hand and continue to see teenagers on a journey to becoming responsible leaders from what would otherwise have been a journey towards criminal offending and self-harm. I have also seen plenty of ‘good kids’ benefit from Mary’s training.  They grow in confidence, make friends, learn motor cross skills and learn leadership skills which stands them in good stead to be leaders in their communities.” - Duncan Jeffery | Senior Constable | Tauranga Police

“Mary has created a supportive relationship with some of our students and used her expertise with motorbikes to further develop a positive environment for them. Once she has got the students engaged through their interaction with her and the motorbikes, she has the opportunity to explore strategies to help the students at risk to minimise the issues they are dealing with. We have seen some marvelous gains from students working with Mary on her Dirt Bike Encounter programme and they speak very highly of the experience.”
- Simon McGillivray | Deputy Principal | Te Puke High School    


Te Puke Community Board

Rotary Te Puke

Lou and Iris Fisher Charitable Trust



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