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A supportive team for competitors, families and supporters in motocross racing

Encounter Race Team supports young people In releasing their potential in a competitive sporting environment through a team atmosphere of mentoring and coaching for riders in motocross racing. Our goal is to empower team riders to be their best on and off the track. 

We are competing in motocross racing to bring out the best in each other. This is one of the most mentally, physically, and spiritually demanding sports in the world, we take a holistic approach to unleash the potential in our team riders. We seek to engage with them on a deep relational level through the physical activities of training and competing. This opens the opportunity of exploring ones mentality and spirituality where ones identity and purpose are formed. We then facilitate growth and strengthen to overcome the areas that are holding them back from releasing their full potential, in both motocross racing and life.

"Being around such kind generally good people all the time really helps with how I now act around other people because I know what it is like to be looked after and treated like this. This life advice constantly given is no doubt a huge eye opener and has helped make me who I am now." Team rider

"We are humbled to have the privilege of supporting Mary and her Encounter Race Team for the last 5 years, the work she and her team does is amazing and the results speak for themselves. The camaraderie and community shines through when you see the team at the track. I cannot speak highly enough of the positivity, hope, faith and direction that Mary brings these boys and girls, it truly outstanding" Reece Mcleod, FOX NZ


Research shows that the mind is the control centre of all our choices, so the well-being of the body and spirit depends on the condition of one's mind. So having a healthy, strong and controlled mental focus is essential for a person to reach their God-given potential. This is an area often overlooked in our culture today, so we are taking the opportunity to change this through our work with riders in motocross racing.

It is not the success of winning races that we measure, but rather the inner life changes in the individuals. This is displayed in their outer life responses to the highs and lows they will face in this challenging sport.

Encounter Race Team focuses on;
  • Resilience in the face of adversity to excel through life's challenges
  • Making self-disciplined choices through a positive view of themselves and their future

The following attributes are required of a sponsored team rider;

  • Intentional living with a willingness to learn more about life.
  • Respectful & considerate of others.
  • Dedicated to progression in the sport of motocross racing.
  • Committed to training and working within a competitive team environment.
  • High level of sportsmanship.


"I feel a sense of belonging and acceptance through the Encounter Race Team"

"Encounter Race Team has impacted me by breaking down why I feel certain things about how or what happens in life, as well as riding. And what effects it has, looking at The Hauora/well being."

"It taught me to just relax and have fun no matter the event."

"Loved looking at the spiritual and mental sides of racing and how it influences the way I ride"

"The friendly and helpful team spirit made it very enjoyable"

"Encounter Race Team has changed my mind-set towards motox, changed it from thinking that its everyman for himself when really it's a giant team sport."

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