Unleashing Potential: Why Referring to Youth Encounter is a Game-Changer

In a world brimming with opportunities for personal growth and development, Youth Encounter stands out as an innovator of transformative experiences. Discover why making a referral to Youth Encounter can be a pivotal move, following Donald Miller's StoryBrand framework.

The Hero's Journey: Your Role in Transformative Narratives

At the heart of Youth Encounter's story are the heroes – individuals seeking personal growth and a path to a better future. By making a referral, you become the guiding force, inviting them into an adventure of self-discovery and empowerment. As the story writer of their own lives, your referral sets the stage for their transformative journey to Live Life Wide Open.

Accessing Support: Nurturing Growth Every Step of the Way

Youth Encounter understands that the journey towards personal growth is not a solitary one. Once your referral is received, our dedicated team steps in to provide unwavering support. From personalized counseling to mentorship, we ensure every hero has the tools they need to conquer their challenges and emerge stronger.

Programme Fees: Investing in Futures, Making it Attainable

We believe in making transformative experiences accessible. Youth Encounter offers various programmes, each designed to cater to specific needs. Visit our website's 'Programmes' section to explore options and find details about associated fees. We are committed to ensuring that financial constraints don't hinder anyone from embarking on this life-altering journey.

How to Make a Referral: Simple Steps for Impactful Change

Referring someone to Youth Encounter is as straightforward as unlocking a door to a world of possibilities. Visit our website at www.youthencounter.co.nz and click the "Make a Referral" button below. Fill out the user-friendly form, sharing key details about the individual you're referring.

Engaging the Process: Assess, Plan, and Authorize

Once your referral is received, our expert team assesses the needs and suitability of the individual. Subsequently, we will reach out to you to discuss the next steps. Upon confirmation, we create a personalized client plan for the hero, which you will authorize. This ensures a tailored approach to their unique journey.

Parent/Caregiver Consent: Collaboration for Success

Complete the parent/caregiver consent form as part of the authorization process. We value collaboration and open communication, ensuring that everyone involved is on board with the client plan. This step strengthens the support network and aligns all stakeholders toward the shared goal of growth and empowerment.

Engaging with the Young Person: Bringing the Plan to Life

With the client plan authorized and consents in place, we seamlessly transition to engaging with the young person. Our experienced team delivers the client plan, providing the necessary tools, resources, and support. This phase marks the beginning of their transformative journey, guided by the collaborative efforts of all involved.

Join the Movement: Be a Catalyst for Change

Your referral isn't just a gesture; it's an invitation to change lives. By connecting someone to Youth Encounter, you contribute to a community dedicated to growth, resilience, and empowerment. Share your experiences, champion the cause, and be a catalyst for positive change.

In conclusion, making a referral to Youth Encounter is more than a recommendation; it's an opportunity to shape narratives, inspire transformation, and empower individuals on their journey to a brighter future. Be part of the story, and let's create a world where every hero finds their path to success. Click the link below to make a referral and ignite the transformation!

👉 Make a Referral Here


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