“It is not our programmes that makes the changes but rather the process empowers our young people to make their own lasting life changes” – Mary Wanhill (Founder & Director)


Youth Encounter’s programmes empower people with the hope to have a forward focus as they get on the Arotika ki te Kaupapa track. We believe every person can encounter their God-given potential to live life wide open when they know they belong and believe in their true value, becoming the future they always dreamed of!

We believe every person has the potential to live from their incredible value of unrealised abilities, God-given talents, strengths and qualities that have capacity to develop. But there is also an illusion of potential that deceives us into producing a false sense of value and protection through quick but temporary fulfillment. This comes from the fear of failing short of ones potential and controls so many young people resulting in destructive risky behaviours that takes them off track. 

Youth Encounter offers the opportunity to get on a track towards the freedom of encountering ones potential of living life to the fullest. Click on the programme logos below to see what each programme focuses on in the track of #livelifewideopen

A camp experience to discover more about life and connect with others

Empowering marginalised rangatahi through dirt bike riding therapy

A supportive and inclusive community for people to belong and become their very best

A team environment for competitors, families and supporters in motocross racing

Connecting youth with positive role models for support and guidance through life experiences

Preparing youth for employment and transitioning them into the workplace

Empowering leaders to influence and change their world

Social enterprise fundraising providing a thrilling dirt bike encounter that makes a difference!

Youth Encounter programme’s are all a vital part of the Arotika ki te Kaupapa track that we take our young people on. Arotika ki te Kaupapa means to focus forward and we believe this is the hope our young people need, to see a positive future and head towards it. We parallel the life learnings without activity learnings to empower people towards their potential.

"My son is really enjoying the course with the Encounter team.  He is hard to turn off when he gets home and is excited to tell us about the day.  I can see he is building in himself and is more helpful at home.  It is doing him wonders.  Thank you very much." - Debbie (parent)


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