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“It is not our programmes that make the impact but rather through bringing people into a sense of belonging that we empower them to make their own lasting life changes.”
– Mary Wanhill (Founder & CEO)


Our complementary programmes are designed to address the needs of individuals through a holistic approach. By incorporating fun activities, exploring spirituality, and applying psychological understanding, we strive to establish a secure and inclusive space where young people feel a sense of belonging.

  • Engage with young people aged 9-24 years.

  • Seeks those in need of a supportive community filled with action and fun.

  • Based at Paengaroa in the Bay of Plenty - 40 minutes from Tauranga, Rotorua and Whakatāne

Our activity-based programmes are designed so that they work in parallel with life learnings and engage individuals in a growth mindset.

  • Addresses struggles in social and academic areas.

  • Supports those who are marginalized or labeled with cognitive or behavioral issues.

  • Aims to reduce vulnerability to educational failure.

  • Works to steer away from risky behaviors leading to destructive outcomes.

How to engage!

  1. Make a referral (see button below) - we will assess needs and suitability and contact you

  2. We will create a client plan for you to authorise and complete parent/caregiver consent

  3. We will then engage with young person to deliver client plan

One-on-one, group and counselling with a focus on strengthening one's identity

Matched, casual or group mentoring with a focus on discovering purpose in life

Mentoring support, work readiness course and employment transition with a focus on building resilience

Residential teen camps and young-adult camps with a focus on discovering a hope-filled future

Gatherings, activity sessions and group sessions with a focus on empowering young people with hope

Leadership trainings, volunteering and staff functions with a focus on releasing identity, purpose, hope and resilience

The programmes delivered at Youth Encounter offer these young people a unique opportunity to engage in programmes that move away from traditional modes of delivery.

  • Unique approach in delivery of clinical counselling modalities.

  • Incorporates activity-based delivery as a tool for courage, talent unlocking, and skill growth.

We have used a strong evidence base to develop programmes that intentionally facilitate change in youth.

  • Guided by Youth Encounter's theory of change model, the Arotika Ki Te Kaupapa Track.

  • Aims to intentionally facilitate positive change in youth.

  • Activity-based programs designed to align with life learnings.

  • Journey towards greater possibilities.

Arotika Ki Te Kaupapa means to have a forward focus and we believe this is the hope our people need, to see a positive future and head towards it. This is the track we want to take people down as we parallel life learnings with activity based experiences to engage individuals in a growth mind-set.

Programmes are delivered from Youth Encounters Home Base (Tūrangawaewae) within a country setting that provides a therapeutic environment to create a sense of belonging for people to call their second home. It is a space to facilitate all we do and deliver high quality programmes to positively impact our community.

We have a broad reach across communities which includes Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty with some catchment areas within the Eastern Bay (including Whakatane and Rotorua). Camps are based out of Papamoa and Waikato with the total catchment for camps being North Island wide.

Youth Encounter values inclusiveness so we work and respond to youth from all ethnicities within a culturally sensitive and safe environment. This includes youth who identify as Maori, Pacific or who have a disability. Our staff come from diverse ethnic backgrounds and are upskilled to work with youth with specific disabilities and we modify our equipment including the dirt bikes, to ensure activities can be enjoyed by all.

"My son is really enjoying the course with the Encounter team.  He is hard to turn off when he gets home and is excited to tell us about the day.  I can see he is building in himself and is more helpful at home.  It is doing him wonders.  Thank you very much." - Debbie (parent)


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