Youth Encounter exists because we believe every person will encounter their God-given potential to live life wide open when they know they belong and believe in their true value.

Through a supportive community, our strong faith and fun activities such as dirt bike riding, surfing and mtn biking, we empower the youth of Aotearoa New Zealand to live life to the fullest and focus forward with hope in their future.

“I felt lost like I no longer knew who I was but now I feel like I have a purpose and have the determination and power to do what I want in life. It’s given me confidence and has given me back my excitement about life.” - Participant

Encounter Camps coming up...

Spring Fest Teen Camp | September 27th - October 3rd 2020

Encounter Success is one of our social enterprise fundraising initiatives that offers you a thrilling dirt bike encounter that makes a difference!. Check out the Encounter Success website to see more!


Our approach to safety

Our approach to safety is fundamental to the success of our organisation. We believe in creating a culture of safety, driven by our top leadership with the systems in place to filter down to our participants. Click here to learn more about our safety systems.


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