Youth Encounter offers fun and exciting programmes that enable young people and their families to get on track and stay on track towards encountering their potential.

Through therapy, counselling, mentoring, camps, community gatherings, leadership training, voluntary work, workplace experiences and employment opportunities, people are empowered to live life to the fullest, or as we like to put it ‘live life wide open’.

“My goal in the future is to teach other people the skills you have shown me like how the choices you make in life are important like choosing the right lines.” - Ngarongo Heke

Encounter Camps coming up...

Young Adults Summer Retreat | Feb 28th-March 1st 2020

Encounter Success is one of our social enterprise fundraising initiatives that offers you thrilling dirt bike encounter that makes a difference!. Check out the Encounter Success website to see more!


Our approach to safety

Our approach to safety is fundamental to the success of our organisation. We believe in creating a culture of safety, driven by our top leadership with the systems in place to filter down to our participants. Click here to learn more about our safety systems.


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