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Unleashing potential in young people to Live Life Wide Open

Youth Encounter is a vibrant community dedicated to empowering the youth of Aotearoa NZ to live life wide open!

We're here to unleash their God-given potential through therapeutic activity-based programs by creating a safe space of belonging for them to fully participate.

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Spring Fest Teen Camp - Dirt Bike Riding & Spa

Come join us for an adrenaline-fueled adventure in the Bay of Plenty, packed with three full days of dirt bike riding. It's also a chance to forge new friendships and be encouraged to live life to the full. Don't miss out on this opportunity to create lasting memories and be involved with an amazing community of people as we learn more about finding hope in Jesus together.

  • When: October 2nd–6th 2024

  • Where: Papamoa

  • Who: 13-18 years old

Kaupapa Māori Perspective

Youth Encounter's Theory of Change, from a Kaupapa Māori perspective, is embodied in the concept of the "poutama" or staircase, which represents a step-by-step framework guiding young people towards holistic development. This poutama approach is deeply rooted in Māori cultural values, emphasizing ...
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Your support will transform lives!

Our approach to safety

Our approach to safety is fundamental to the success of our organisation. At Youth Encounter, we believe in creating a culture of safety, driven by our top leadership with the systems in place to filter down to our participants. Click here to learn more about our safety and risk disclaimer.


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