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Connecting youth with positive role models to support and journey through life experiences

"Being around such kind generally good people all the time really helps with how I now act around other people because I know what it is like to be looked after and treated like this.” - AJ

Youth Encounter’s mentoring is another powerful step in the Arotika ki te Kaupapa track as our young people are supported and empowered to stay on track through activity based mentoring that includes 1on1 time, messaging, residential camps and social gatherings. We offer short-term and long-term mentoring to connect our youth with positive role models to unleash and release their incredible potential. 

Fun activities and kai are used as tools to form healthy and strong connections between the young people and their mentors, to create meaningful discussions about life and the issues they are facing. We want our young people to find purpose in life and to have a reason worth living for as they start to believe in their value through this process.

Mentoring focuses on;

  • Young people believing in their value through non-judgemental and trusting relationships
  • Providing our young people with mentors who understand our young people and knowing the value they bring to them
  • Providing fun activities and events for our mentors and young people to be part of

"My experience for the first time MTB in Redwoods was amazing, me launching off jumps is like me launching into my future, me going fast is like time will fly sooner or later your dreams will come faster than you think and I would greatly love to thank Youth Encounter for giving me the opportunity to experience something new.” - Zion

Our mentors have been carefully selected from the community, screened (including a criminal background check) to assess suitability and trained before commencing as mentors. A mentor is expected to make regular contact with the participant involving fun activities and kai that help facilitate the relationship building.

Youth Encounter’s activities are safety approved and include but not limited to, dirt bike riding, surfing, golf and mountain biking. Participant's will be safety briefed and instructed to safely participate in the activities. During the course of the mentoring program there will be opportunities to be part of our group gatherings, residential camps and work readiness development. We also suggest our therapy programme for all mentoring participants. 

Please contact us on info@youthencounter or 07 218 2113 for more information or complete the online referral.


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