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Leadership trainings, volunteering and staff functions with a focus on releasing their potential.

"The thing I most enjoyed was helping others and to help understand what I have to offer and to find purpose in what I think is missing in my life." - Darren

Developing leaders to influence others is an important and valuable investment for the future of Youth Encounter and beyond. We empower people through engaging  leadership training and integrating opportunities to develop these skills within Youth Encounter programmes and activities. This includes employed staff, volunteers, interns and student placements as they all have a place of leadership within Youth Encounter as we impact our young people. 

Contact us today to learn how you can be part of the team and make a difference in the lives of our young people - or 07 218 2113

Leadership development focuses on;

  1. Growing our leaders' self-awareness to know their own potential to create a powerful atmosphere of influence to those around them

  2. Developing and refining our leaders' potential through accountability and a supportive environment

  3. Equipping our leaders with understanding, skills, practical resources and the tools to become more effective in their leadership

"From the first camp I went to I always wanted to go back for more because it's such a great environment to be around. Youth Encounter really inspired me to become my best self meaning that I've become a young leader to inspire other young people to do the same." 
- Caleb

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