Hugo's Story of Transformation Towards Living a Full Life

Prior to his engagement with Youth Encounter, Hugo struggled with behavioural issues, a lack of confidence, and he struggled to make conversation with others. He was also engaging in criminal activity. Hugo has engaged with multiple services at Youth Encounter including Clinical Counselling, Matched Mentoring, and Group Therapy. In the Matched Mentoring programme, Hugo and his mentor spent a lot of time talking about values, setting goals and sharing their life experiences. His mentor has provided guidance on self-control and has offered some strategies for handling his strong emotions. Since engaging with these programmes, Hugo has started going to church and youth group on a regular basis and has refrained from participating in any criminal activity. This proves that he is showing direction towards being part of healthier communities. He has expressed his goals for his future and aspires to see these through.

His mentor has especially seen an improvement in his confidence levels. After engaging with these mentoring sessions more regularly, his mentor has said, “Hugo put what I said straight into practice by talking to (a stranger) - an older gentleman, outside a fish ‘n’ chip shop. They must have been talking for at least five minutes; Hugo asked what he did for a job, what his interests were, and if this was his first time visiting Pukehina. It was very much a two-way conversation, the older gentleman seemed quite impressed with Hugo. Later Hugo told me that he was the nicest old man he had ever met.” Hugo has shown huge improvement in his social skills and has continued to value this mindset. 


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