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A supportive and inclusive community for people to belong and become their very best

"I have been a part of the encounter connect family for the last 4 years now and it’s helped me become the person I am today allowing me to build confidence in my leadership and grow my faith in a safe and fun environment, drawing me closer to God and gaining an overload of wisdom.” - Ethan

Encounter Connect offers events for our young people and their families to regularly meet and experience being part of a welcoming and supportive community. This is another opportunity for the Youth Encounter community to connect, participate in fun activities, eat meals together and discuss more about the incredible life God has blessed us with to live wide open to the fullest. 

The last Sunday of every month we will be gathering together for a Connect event. See our events calendar on Youth Encounter NZ facebook page for more details. 

  • April 25th - ride day
  • May 30th - ride day 
  • June 27th - ride day 

Encounter Connect focuses on;

  1. Creating a safe environment where people can belong and explore their beliefs towards becoming who they were created to be
  2. Growing the Youth Encounter community in their purpose and hope that enables them to become more resilient and persistent to stay on track and live life wide open 
  3. Providing gatherings and extending these for all the Youth Encounter community to attend

"Youth Encounter committed to put time and effort into me so makes me feel like if someones gonna do that then I must be worthwhile and I want to give back to other people now" - Matthys


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