Unleashing Leadership Potential: Young Adults Escape Camp Recap

A Recap of Youth Encounter's Young Adults Escape Camp

Over the weekend, Youth Encounter's Young Adults Escape Camp brought together 15 campers and 5 staff members for a transformative journey of discovery and leadership development. Based at the Youth Encounter facility in Paengeroa, the camp was a perfect blend of adventure, learning, and genuine connections.

Arriving on Friday evening, excitement filled the air as participants prepared for a weekend of growth and exploration. The camp kicked off with a warm welcome, setting the tone for what was to come.

Saturday's activity was dirt bike riding, where campers embraced the thrill of the outdoors and challenged themselves to conquer new terrain. From beginners to experienced riders, everyone had the opportunity to push their limits and experience the joy of adventure. The evening was filled with learnings and a powerful worship time, praising God for His goodness and the opportunities we are truly blessed with. 

Sunday brought a change of pace with a friendly game of team golf. Amidst laughter and friendly competition, campers bonded over shared experiences and strengthened their sense of community.

Throughout the weekend, the heart of Youth Encounter shone brightly, as campers and staff alike embraced the organisation's core values. Fun was woven into every activity, creating an environment where everyone felt a sense of belonging. Acceptance was evident as participants were met where they were at, free from judgment or expectation. Genuine connections were fostered, allowing campers to build meaningful relationships based on mutual respect and support. Most importantly, empowerment was at the forefront, as individuals were encouraged to unleash their God-given potential and step into leadership roles with confidence.

Reflecting on their experiences, campers shared heartfelt testimonials, highlighting the impact of Youth Encounter on their lives. From gaining self-awareness to overcoming fears and embracing new opportunities, the camp was a catalyst for personal growth and transformation.

As the weekend came to a close, participants left with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper understanding of their leadership calling. Youth Encounter had once again lived up to its mission of empowering young people to live life wide open, embracing every opportunity with courage and determination.

What the campers said about the weekend...

'Youth Encounter cultivates an environment to discover full potential, to see the value in self-awareness'

'They encourage you to try new things without fear or expectations or performance, help me learn in a encouraging environment that it's ok to make mistakes and not be the best but have a good attitude’

‘Youth Encounter and the staff have helped me to understand how to be a powerful leader and put that into action. I now have a different perspective when being part of a team and how to encourage others’

‘Youth Encounter has impacted my life by empowering me to push through opposition and to always give things my best shot even when its scary.’

‘Youth Encounter has re-inspired me that it is never too late to try new things and give it a go!’


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