Kawerau fly high at Dirt Bike Encounter

A crew of six students and one tutor from Kawerau's AE (alternative education course) embarked on a journey of learning new skills and powerful thinking over term 3 with Youth Encounters 'Dirt Bike Encounter' process. Dirt Bike Encounter aims to empower marginalised rangatahi youth through dirt bike riding as a therapeutic process.

"Dirt Bike Encounter has helped me go to course more and have a better attitude" said one participant, and another commented how it had made him think about "staying away from the wrong people" to better himself and his future ahead. 

It's always a special day celebrating the success of the participants completing a Dirt Bike Encounter course as they have learnt to use their powerful thinking to open up options for their life. 

Kawerau AE tutor, Ricky Paul took the opportunity to join his students in the process and was encouraged to step outside his comfort zone and try new things as he had never ridden a motorbike before. He commented how he found the Dirt Bike Encounter process helped the students reflect on life to make better decisions for their future. He also found the learnings valuable for his own life and would recommend the process for youth and adults. 

Learning to take care of your bike is key to getting the best power to enable you to safely fly high and a key part of the Dirt Bike Encounter process. 

A massive thanks to our supporters, without them we would not have the privilege to unleash and release the potential in youth who have not had the same opportunities as some of us. We are truely blessed to be part of these young peoples journey creating long lasting connections and social impacts in our communities  

A special thanks to...

  • Pirini Motorbike PARK 
  • Suzuki New Zealand 
  • BayTrust 
  • Acorn Foundation 
  • Lottery Grants
  • Te Puke Community Board
  • First Sovereign Trust
  • COGs
  • BayGold


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