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Transforming Hearts

Youth Encounter (community, therapy, mentoring, camps) is not focused on behaviour modification, but rather heart transformation because your heart is the wellspring of life and our behaviours flow from this place. Just like on your phone, to change how it operates on the outside, you go into the settings app and make the changes on the inside. 

Our behaviours flow out of the settings in our heart, and when there has been lack of connection/love, neglect, abuse, trauma etc, it sets us up incorrectly and our behaviours flow from these incorrect settings. When we take responsibility for our incorrect settings, which requires courage and vulnerability, we can change our settings to unleash and release the incredible God-given potential that lies within all of us. 

We are so blessed to be part of hearts being transformed through the incredible community at Encounter. When you create an environment of safety, people can open up and make the changes!

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