Team Building

Unleash growth, build your team stronger!

Immerse your team in the exhilarating journey of dirt biking or surfing for personal and professional development. Our proven step-by-step facilitation guides your team to overcome challenges, fostering growth and unity. Whether your team is new to activities or has varying experience levels, we ensure individual and collective success. Take these newfound personal development and confidence skills back to the workplace, transforming your team's culture. Witness even the most hesitant individuals successfully embracing the day with patience and care. Your workplace will be positively changed forever.

Focus, Inspire, and Challenge Your Team

Soar to new heights as we guide you to connect your learnings to the workplace. We'll assist your team in;

  • Unleashing true potential through calculated risks while maintaining your controls.

  • Releasing optimal potential, leveraging the strength of 'superposition' empowering you on the dirt bike and into life.

  • Encounter your potential by soaring high through self-discovery and strengthening connections through shared successes."

What is included in your team day?

Our Team Building days offer a comprehensive package, including activity learning, facilitation, and developmental tools. With incremental learning led by experienced facilitators, we connect experiential lessons to your team's work environment. We provide;

  • No prior experience or licenses required

  • Professional instructors offering hands-on guidance for all levels

  • Modern equipment suitable for everyone to enjoy

  • Full safety briefing and established safety systems

  • Trained medic and on-site equipment

  • Inclusive photos accessible on our Facebook page

  • Prizes and awards to celebrate your team's success.

Our professionally developed team building process comprises three sessions, each focusing on specific learnings tailored to relate to your team and workplace. Prices vary based on group size - contact us for a customized quote.

"The day was amazing. From struggling to start a bike at the beginning of the day, to jumping a bike and flying high by the end. The staff are amazing and incredibly inspirational."
Greg Wallace 

The Process

Stage One: Getting Started Safely

  • Gearing Up: Equipping with necessary gear

  • Assessing the Risk: Evaluating safety measures

  • Taking the Controls: Operating the controls safely and moving forward with control

Stage Two: Moving Through Changes

  • Changing Gears: Mastering gear transitions

  • Taking on Corners: Navigating tricky corners confidently

  • Finding Your Superposition:  Adopting a strong positioning mindset, staying focused on your goals

Stage Three: Flying High

  • Confidence at Higher Speeds: Building speed with confidence

  • Facing Your Fears: Overcoming challenges

  • CelebrationRecognizing each individual's success counts towards the teams success!


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 Do I need any riding experience? No prior riding experience is required. Our course works well for both complete beginners and those who have had some riding experience.

 How safe is this? We pride ourselves on professionally running a high-risk adventure activity with the highest standard of safety. There is always an element of risk when riding a dirt bike, but we will teach you the best techniques for you to safely manage the risk and stay safe. Learn more on our safety page here.

 Do I need a license? No you do not need a motorcycle or drivers license to participate.

 What skills do you require to ride a dirt bike? You require no special skills to ride a dirt bike.

 What riding gear are we provided with? You are provided with dirt bike specific riding gear, which includes boots, helmet, goggles, body armor, elbow and knee pads, shirt, pants and gloves. 

 What do I need to wear on the day? Please bring yourself long socks, knee height if possible. We also recommend you wear a t-shirt suitable for under your riding shirt and shorts or tights to go under your riding pants. If your pant size is larger than 36, we recommend you wear jeans that you are happy to wear while riding the dirt bikes and that can fit knee guards under them.

 Is there a weight restriction? Yes there is a weight restriction of 110kg.

 Are there any age restrictions? Yes, there is an age restriction of 9 years or older to participate.

 Is there a height requirement? Yes there is a minimum height requirement of 120cm.

 What do I need to bring with me? Bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen ready to be outdoors for the day.

 Is catering supplied? This is dependent on your booking with us. If catering is included in your booking then all drinks and food needed will be supplied. If you have not booked our catering services then you will need to bring your own food and refreshments. 

 How long does the day last? This is dependent on your booking and can vary to your requirements.

 What if the weather is wet? We are still able to operate in light rain but if there is heavy rain forecast we will postpone and notify you the day prior.

Alcohol consumption? No alcohol is allowed to be consumed while participating in the activity but you are welcome to bring your own alcoholic beverages for a celebration after the activity. 


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