How to join Youth Encounter?

Removing the Barriers to Engage with Young People of Aotearoa NZ

The question is often asked, how do I (or my kids) join Youth Encounter? 

Youth Encounter has different programmes including therapy counselling, mentoring, camps, gathering and leadership development. There are a few different ways you can join Youth Encounter;

To remove barriers and broaden impact, Youth Encounter actively accepts referrals to connect with potential clients to participate in our programmes. Our streamlined three-step referral process ensures simplicity and accessibility for both referrers and individuals seeking our services. The process begins with a straightforward referral submission, where referrers can easily provide essential information about potential clients. Our dedicated intake team then reviews the referrals promptly, ensuring a swift and efficient evaluation and intervention plan. Finally, the referred individuals are warmly welcomed into our services, fostering a seamless transition into the transformative experiences offered by Youth Encounter. This structured approach not only facilitates a smooth referral process but also reinforces our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility in engaging clients with our services.

We understand that making a referral can be challenging at times which is why we have created step-by-step instructions to make this process easier for you, including some helpful information. 

Step One:

  • Head to our website - https://www.youthencounter.co.nz/ 

  • You'll be taken to the home page of our website. For you convenience, we've placed the referral tab on the home page. Scroll down and click the blue button that says 'make a referral'. 

Step Two:

You'll be taken to a Google Form where you must fill out all the required questions. Take note of our Engagement Process. After you have made a referral, the team at Youth Encounter will assess which service best fits the clients needs and what they would most benefit from. 

Step Three:

The team at Youth Encounter will then be in contact with the person who made the referral. They will discuss the plan, the parent/caregiver consents to the plan and together, they'll organizes the final details to deliver the plan. 

Step Four:

Engagement with your young person commences!

Most common asked question...

Where do our referrals come from?;

  • Oranga Tamaraki 37%

  • Parent/Caregivers 24%

  • Schools 17%

  • Alternative Education 12%

  • Community Organisation 8%

  • Police 2%

How many referrals are successful?

  • 77% of our referrals were successful in 2023

  • 23% were not successful due to - finances, location, did not respond to us, timing, in custody or disengaged with the referring organisation before engaging with us. 

How much does it cost?

  • 1-1 Activity Therapy - 2hr weekly session for x8 sessions

    Participant Fee: $3200 + GST

  • 1-1 Counselling - 1hr session with a counsellor (non-activity)

    Participant Fee: $150 + GST per session

    Participant Fee: $900 + GST for x6 sessions recommended

  • Mentoring - 52 hours over 6-12 months of 1-1 matched mentoring

    Participant Fee: $4200 + GST 

  • Specialized Connect - 2hr activity session specialised to the participant needs

    Participant Fee: $150 + GST per session

  • Mahi Work Readiness - getting a young person ready for employment

    Participant Fee: On a referral basis 

Can I get funding?

In short - yes, it is possible. There are parameters around how funding works and it is case dependent. In the Client Referral Form, there is a section that asks if you need fee subsidy/financial assistance. We understand that not everyone is able to pay fees but as a non-government organisation, funding and participant fees are what keep us on our feet. 

Can I be a part of the Youth Encounter community?

Of course! We believe in the transformative power of community and the positive impact volunteers can make in the lives of young individuals. As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to be part of a dynamic team dedicated to empowering youth and fostering a sense of belonging. Head to https://www.youthencounter.co.nz/volunteers/ to find out more!


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