Dirtbikes to Flowers

At Youth Encounter, our mentoring programme embodies a variety of activities for all our rangatahi. We are so blessed to have a wide range of activities on site but also beyond our property, in this beautiful country we live in.

Youth Encounter's mentoring program is a versatile tool that transcends interests and disciplines, offering guidance, inspiration, and skill development across a spectrum of activities. Matched, casual or group mentoring always has a focus on discovering purpose in life. From the high-octane world of dirt biking to the delicate artistry of making flower bouquets, mentoring plays a pivotal role in shaping individuals' journeys.

Dirt Biking: Thrill, Precision, and Adrenaline

Dirt biking epitomizes adventure and skill, demanding precision, agility, and a keen sense of balance. Mentoring with rangatahi wahine sits in an unpredictable space. More often than not, mentees have never ridden a dirtbike before which offers a unique opportunity to develop their resilience and step outside of their comfort zone. Dirt biking often involves technical knowledge, safety protocols, and strategies for mastering challenging terrains. Mentors will ride with the mentee alongside one of our awesome instructions to foster a sense of safety and support.

Flower Bouquets: Elegance, Creativity, and Symbolism

Contrasting sharply with the adrenaline rush of dirt biking, the art of making flower bouquets embodies elegance, creativity, and emotional expression. Youth Encounter are always blown away by the generosity of our community and this experience was like no other. Anna from Peek-a-Bloom Flower Farm offered to host a group of mentoring participants at her flower farm to impart knowledge and skills around growing and making gorgeous flower bouquets. Each participant took home a botanical creation that was unique to them and their character.

Common Threads Across Mentoring Activities

Despite their apparent differences, mentoring in dirt biking and making flower bouquets share several fundamental aspects:

  1. Skill Development: Both activities require mentors to impart technical skills and knowledge essential for proficiency and safety.

  2. Personal Growth: Mentoring fosters personal development by encouraging individuals to push boundaries, learn from failures, and strive for improvement.

  3. Community and Camaraderie: Whether in the adrenaline-fueled world of dirt biking or the artistic realm of floral design, mentoring builds supportive communities where enthusiasts can connect, share experiences, and inspire each other.

  4. Artistry and Expression: Both dirt biking and floral design involve elements of creativity and self-expression, albeit in vastly different forms. Mentors guide mentees in harnessing these qualities to develop their unique styles and expressions.

Ultimately, mentoring transcends specific activities to cultivate lifelong skills, confidence, and a passion for continuous learning. Whether navigating rugged trails on a dirt bike or arranging delicate blooms into a harmonious bouquet, mentors play a vital role in shaping individuals' experiences and guiding them towards living life wide open!

As we explore the diverse world of mentoring activities—from the adrenaline-fueled rush of dirt biking to the serene artistry of flower bouquet making—we witness the transformative power of guidance, encouragement, and shared passion. Whether pursuing speed and precision or elegance and creativity, mentors provide the support needed to navigate challenges, unlock potential, and cultivate a sense of purpose. In embracing these diverse mentoring experiences, we celebrate the richness of human endeavor and the boundless opportunities for growth and self-discovery that the mentoring program has to offer.


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