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Discipline and Training takes us to our God-given Potential

God sees our passions and desires. In fact He put them in us and He wants to empower us to fulfil them because that's the potential He created us with. He didn't create us to imagine and dream just to see us fall short of our passions and desires. So why are people less happy than ever before if God really wants us to encounter our potential? 

I believe our unmet desires are the reason for our suffering of unhappiness. God created us with desires because He wants us to reach our full potential and have a purposefilled life. But because of ours and others incorrect choices (sin), our desires are left unmet and we suffer. It's the devils lies that we listen to, believing it's the correct choice to make, when actually that choice will leave our desires unmet and we suffer. It's an illusion of happiness that we are believing, driven by the fears of our desires not being fulfilled so we fill them with temporary things that rob us of encountering our potential. This becomes a protective layer that we hide behind, scared of exposure and not liking what we see in the mirror.

It's Gods grace of Jesus coming to our rescue that enables us to break free of the shame and I believe God wants to take us all on that journey. As a good father He knows the training we need to encounter our potential. Like the discipline of going to the gym to train and reach the results we desire, God will be our personal trainer, giving us the best training process if we allow him. This is only out of love because God wants to see us encounter the potential he created us with. This is His desire to see us be all we can be, not to punish us but rather to empower us.

I am continually amazed and blessed with the journey God has taken me on because it only draws me closer to his heart. I am overwhelmed with His agape love for me and there is so much freedom found in encountering Him in a relationship of trust. Trust that he is good and only wants what's best for me and will take me to it if I allow him. Because loving relationships are built on the free will of trust, it is only when I allow Him to be involved in my life and trust He knows the training that I need, that I will encounter my God-given potential. 

Mary Wanhill


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