Encounter Camps 2018 Update

What’s been happening at Encounter Camps in 2018

Under the Youth Encounter umbrella, Encounter Camps has successfully run 9 camps over 36 days with 241 participants this year. From teen camps to parent child camps, young adults leadership camps and a volunteer staff camp, we have experienced a 50% growth this year in our Encounter Camps programme. Much of this increase is attributed to our Programme Coordinator Tracey Christian who has worked towards increasing our capacity and creating sustainability for our camping programme. Her vision of seeing possibilities whenever she goes, along with the ability to set them into motion has been a true answer to prayer.

“What I enjoy the most about Encounter Camps is meeting new people and communicating with the leaders” -Taine

“I enjoyed learning more about where I place God in my life.” -Matthys

Our goal is to create an atmosphere of belonging at our camps, that the people attending would start to see themselves in a new light through Gods grace. We will not feel a sense of belonging until we belong to ourselves so forming a secure identity of who we are is at the core of our message, along with discovering our purpose in life. When we encounter our true worth that God has created us with we start release the incredible potential He gave us to live life wide open, giving it our very best. 

“I learnt that it doesn’t matter who you are God still loves you.” -Jesse

The shame of who we see ourselves as makes us want to hide and not be really us, but when we see ourselves though Jesus and encounter the Fathers love God has for us, we can live a courageous life of openness to truely be us. We believe a sense of belonging is key to unleashing and releasing the potential that lies within every person attending our camps, no matter where they come from or what they believe. 

“I felt comfortable around the new people at Encounter Camps” -AJ

“What is most helpful for me from being at Encounter Camps is being able to make new friends without feeling judged.” -Brooklyn

A big thank you to Pacific Park, Bay Gold, Capernwray and Narrows Park for accomodating us and our dirt bikes. To Pirini MX Park, Edkins, Whiteheads, Madsen’s, Oatways, MacKenzies, Tokoroa and Awakaponga, thanks for blessing us with the use of your dirt bike track facilities. It takes a community of people and their resources for us to accomplish our vision. 

At my Encounter Camps experience, I found it helpful learning more about who I am as a person.” -Josh

Every person at Encounter Camps has a story to tell and a future of great potential that we are privileged to be part of unleashing and releasing into their lives. Thanks to all the campers for making the world a better place by being truely you.

“At Encounter Camps I learnt that I am valuable.” -Andre


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