Welcome to the Specialized Connect at Youth Encounter!

Our one-on-one activity sessions are tailored to meet the specific needs of each participant. We are committed to breaking down barriers and providing an inclusive environment where a diverse range of young people can participate and gain confidence.

Our tailored sessions cater to individuals facing various challenges, including but not limited to:

  • Learn a new activity

  • Lacking confidence

  • Neurodiversity

  • Physical disabilities

  • Mental disorders

A 2 hour one-on-one activity session costs $172.50

At Youth Encounter, we believe in creating opportunities for everyone to thrive. Join us in building confidence, fostering growth, and embracing the potential within each individual.

Includes recreational activities such as;

  • Dirt bike riding

  • Surfing

  • Golf

  • Frisbee golf

  • Sandpit play

  • Skateboarding/scootering

  • Push bike riding

  • Bush exploring

We provide participants with activity equipment, professional instructing, extensive health and safety protocols alongside a person-centered approach to meet their specific needs.

The Outcomes we see...


From our feedback, all of our participants reported that Specialized Connect has been "Very Fun." We believe in creating engaging and enjoyable experiences for every young individual to learn and grow.


55% of the participants engaged in this program are neuro-divergent. As a specialized initiative, we've established a safe space with a high level of engagement, especially for young people who are often marginalized.


83% of our participants felt that the Specialized Connect programme was overall "Excellent." This positive feedback motivates us to continue providing exceptional experiences.

How it works...

"Encounter has new things each time I come, meaning more things to do and new things to learn. I have learnt to ride a dirt bike and how to make burgers."
- Specialised Connect participant


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