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Preparing youth for employment and transitioning into the workplace

Youth Encounter’s Mahi programme prepares young people 15-24yrs with resilience for on-going success in life through developing skills that will set them up for further education and successful employment pathways.

Our Mahi offers three components;

  • Mahi Mentoring – matched mentor building relationship with the young person to be a key support person throughout the Mahi journey with intentional skills development.

  • Work Readiness Course  - 10 modules based on the NZ Employability Skills framework cover key skills required in a workplace.

  • Employment Transition - introducing work experience opportunities and successfully transitioning the young person into the workplace.

We support youth to learn to be resilient through journeying with them in pushing through life’s challenges and bouncing back when facing difficult situations as they learn to navigate an adult's world. 

Our strategic outcome focuses on developing resilience in our young people to empower them to break negative life cycles through;

  1. Displaying more socially acceptable behaviours’

  2. Increased ability to face and overcome adversity

  3. Empowered with work readiness skills

  4. Engaged in an employment pathway

How to engage!

  1. Make a referral (see button below) - we will assess needs and suitability and contact you

  2. We will create a client plan for you to authorise and complete parent/caregiver consent

  3. We will then engage with young person to deliver client plan


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